Revenue Acceleration  

Monetize Your Receivables
Transportation Funding Consultants (TFC) provides revenue acceleration programs for governments with no upfront costs. We advance you a sum against your delinquent receivables pool from areas such as toll or parking citations. Advances can take the form of either cash or traffic equipment such as mobile vehicles with automatic license plate recognition systems for parking enforcement, parking meters (on-street/off-street), automated citation issuance devices, payment kiosks, tolling equipment or photo enforcement approaches for red light or for speed enforcement.

Government agencies often have millions of dollars in backlogged citations. A large delinquent receivables pool is of little value if you can’t collect on it. Resources for collection are scarce during slow economic times. Along with experienced partners, TFC initiates and manages a collection program designed by former public officials who understand the constraints of a government collection program. Avoid the disappointing results, costs and delays (often months or even years) of collection agencies having to chase down violators.

Our clients include municipal courts, district courts, electronic toll agencies, cities, etc. We supply receivables management and collection systems for any courts or government agencies processing or collecting traffic or parking violations.

A Typical Revenue Advance Scenario
A city has $25M in uncollected parking, moving or photo enforcement citations that are aged 90 days to 7 years.  Our advance rate is normally 2% to 4% of the delinquent receivables pool. In this scenario the city would receive a non-recourse advance of $1M – $2M at contract signing. TFC takes over management of collection of receivables under an asset management agreement with a defined collection program designed in conjunction with the government. Once the advance is repaid, TFC shares revenues with the government agency. Advance can be in cash or transportation related equipment. Once the advance is recovered, the city participates in upside of transaction with a revenue sharing agreement.

    • Advance calculated on accrued value
    • Guaranteed minimum recovery
    • Possible forward acceleration available
    • Cash or transportation related equipment given upfront before collection
    • Full service functional