Parking Solutions  

Transportation Funding Consultants (TFC) is unique in that we not only implement and manage municipal parking programs, but are also a complete source of funding and therefore a means of transferring risk. We fund the building, maintenance and upgrade of off-street parking facilities as well as complete on-street parking infrastructures. We introduce next-generation technologies and processes to parking operations that work well for both our clients and their customers. TFC assembles a team of experts and providers to craft a solution to each city’s needs using technology and solutions our government clients select.

In partnership with TFC, a city no longer has to be burdened with the usual budget shortfalls brought on by a backlog of unpaid parking citations. We bear the burden of collection while providing the city with cash up front. Our collection program is conducted with the highest level of professionalism and within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act (FDCPA) while the city maintains authority over the parking program and controls policy.

TFC provides single and multi-space parking meters driven by the most current payment and real-time reporting technology and we can assist you in determining the most cost-effective and efficient type (or combination of types) to suit the specific needs of your parking program.

Single-Space Meters
This traditional on-street meter is ticket-less, accepts coins or tokens, and can be configured to accept payment through smart cards or even cell phones.Meters can also be configured for pay by space solutions that sense if the space is open or used with data transmitted to a central system for transmission to other devices and for utilization analysis.

Multi-Space Meters


In this type of multi-space meter, a customer receives a printed ticket after purchasing parking time and then places it on their vehicle’s dashboard. Data is wirelessly sent and maintained on a central server.System managers can access statistical information which can often be imported into the city’s existing accounting systems.


A customer enters a number on a numeric keypad which corresponds to their parking space and then pays for the amount of time they wish to park. In this scenario a driver does not need to return to their vehicle to place a ticket on the dashboard.

Boot and Tow Program
TFC can radically increase the effectiveness of your boot and tow operation. Our boot crews utilize advanced technology such as vehicles equipped with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems. Hundreds of license plates can be read per minute and scanned into a laptop. The plates are then compared against a database hotlist and crews are alerted to any vehicle that requires booting and towing. The result is a much higher number of vehicles, with outstanding citations, discovered and booted. This improves program efficiency and increases revenue.

Handheld Citation Systems
The manual processes of ticket writing is time consuming and inefficient. A high percentage of traffic tickets are dismissed each year because of illegible handwriting or technical error, representing lost revenue. Our handheld wireless devices automate the ticket writing process. Officers can swipe the magnetic stripe on a driver license and most of the information required for electronic citation can be entered into a form. The system can also capture a violator’s signature electronically.

Information, such as court day/time and fine amounts can be populated automatically through the use of drop down menus which further protect against errors. With the citation information wirelessly entered into a database, processing time is also dramatically reduced.Officers are also equipped with portable printers so that violators can be issued paper tickets.

Automated Payment Centers
A proven method of increasing revenues is to make it easier to pay citations. TFC can provide multiple 24/7 payment gateways such as toll free pay-by-phone (through a call center or IVR), pay-by-web or through payment kiosks. TFC can install Automated Payment Centers (APC) that are connected, in real-time to a database of delinquent parking citations. These units have an ATM-like functionality and use intuitive touch screens that instruct customers through the payment process. Payment can be made via credit or debit card and the system will accept coins and cash as well as dispense change and bills.