About Us  

Transportation Funding Consultants, LLC (TFC) provides government agencies with revenue acceleration for their tolling and parking operations as well as complete funding for ORT/AET and parking infrastructures and their related maintenance and management programs. We provide complete turnkey solutions that include toll guarantee, violator and video toll processing and collection services.
Using a performance pricing model, TFC offers revenue acceleration programs that provide cash in advance of collection with no up-front costs to agencies. We develop solutions for electronic tolling that introduce private sector resources and know-how that turn an industry downside into an industry upside. Our expertise in plate based services, delinquent collections and receivables financing, deliver solutions that work for the tolling industry.
TFC will fund the building of Municipal parking lots and garages. We provide new kiosk or single space parking meter equipment enabled with credit card, smart card or cell phone payment systems. We supply red light and ALPR cameras. TFC can provide total systems for dealing with parking violations such as Automated Citation Issuance, utilizing a handheld pocket PC or laptop while interfacing to any existing records management systems. All can be paid for through meter revenue and delinquent collections.